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Turn a Foreclosure into a Rental?


We bought a fixer-upper in Joshua Tree to rent. The checklist has about 157 items on it—but what is the most important item on the checklist? Hot water? Trash? Internet? Gas? Heat? No, according to our insurance company—we must first fix the broken window and any peeling paint must be repaired in order for insurance coverage. We replaced all the windows and caulked and painted the trim. After one summer in Joshua Tree we realized we needed to use  more durable caulk…preferably exterior caulk with silicone that is paintable. Next we started filling in all the holes in the walls and replaced the water heater.   Slow going…we are trying to turn the house below into a midcentury modern rental…stay tuned.

3 years later working a few months at a time we finally have a mostly finished project:Sunburst House

Where to start if you buy a rental fixer upper.

Fixed a broken window and starting to update the    “look”


Any regrets would be to have done the outside first! Landscaping, all the painting and driveway repair. Because our budget for the house is depleted our curb appeal isn’t giving the right vibe for what’s inside! Check out the final inside on my Sunburst Joshua Tree Monthly Furnished Rental

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