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Using Adobe Muse for Website Advertising

Recently I have been delving into Adobe Muse, much like Adobe InDesign, except instead of printing your creations, these designs can be turned into web pages! How cool is that? I had some previous experience with InDesign which made it much easier for me to work with the tools. The best thing about Muse is that it comes with a Library of widgets that you drag onto the page, slideshows, contact forms, menus and there is a cool site Muse-Themes.com where for a small fee you can download just about any web widget you need. For someone who frequently uses Dreamweaver and still loves to use it, but does not know how to develop a slideshow, this program seems like a dream come true. Muse, now comes with the ability to build responsive websites.

Unfortunately, there are a couple things I’d like to see changed. More manipulation of code in Muse and the ability to build responsive web designs.(since 2016 now it has that capability) I’m hoping they will add a few “tabs” like they have in Dreamweaver where you can view code only, design view only or a split screen of both.

Here is one of my first vacation rental responsive websites using Muse: http://tahoeuniqueretreats.com/

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