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Updating Your Vacation Rental

Before you complain about not getting enough renters, take a look around at the competition in your neighborhood.  Other folks are getting on the vacation rental train especially now with AirBnB.  AirBnB Vacation Rentals makes it easier than ever to list your vacation rental or rent a room in your home.  Separate your feelings, if possible, and look at your rental objectively compared to other rentals in the area and try to decide why you, yourself, would choose to stay in your rental compared to the other rentals in your neighborhood?  It might be something as simple as replacing the couch, or perhaps a King bed instead of a Queen bed, if you can afford it change out an appliance. Little upgrades every year instead of a major renovations will keep your place fresh and renting in a market flooded with rentals.

When your rental doesn’t seem to be getting any action, you may consider lowering the price, instead try to update your rental to reflect the price you would pay to stay there. Any upgrades can be deducted from the taxes on your rental income.

Fresh paint is an inexpensive way to achieve a new look or merely keeping the rental clean and protected. The cleaner your place is for new renters the more they will do to keep it nice!  Before you blame the market or your ad agent be sure you’ve done everything you could to update and freshen your rental.  Don’t forget to take new photos with all the updates.


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