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Tips on Searching for the Perfect Vacation Rental

Are you looking for a home away from home, somewhere you can gather your friends and family to reconnect? Consider a vacation rental.

Get Specific! What do the kids really want to do, sled or ski? Do your friends want to shop and relax at the spa? Try to narrow your search down to the most important aspects of your vacation, for example, ” Breckenridge Colorado, private home rental, sledding vacations,” using Google Lucky search, this page came up directly, Where you can find more great homes in Breckenridge!

Start with great expectations, half the fun of going on vacation is exploring the different possibilities. Is being pet friendly important? Affordable housing? Ski in ski out? Have fun with your search! But remember a few key things to keep your search from becoming endless. Start with the maximum amount of people. How many in your group? Queen beds can sleep 2, but if that extra last minute person can’t make it, one person in a queen bed is more comfy.

Florida Keys Vacation Rental

What location? What would you like to do while visiting the area? Ski? Surf? Museums? Beachfront holiday? Or, walk to restaurants and theaters?

Within the first few minutes of searching for your accommodations, trust your intuition. Do you have a good feeling about this place? Does it seem legitimate? Did this vacation rental owner have to pay advertising costs or was is this a free listing? Is there a phone number? Watch out for phony advertising.  Recently, a scam artist was caught. The scammer had copied images and advertised the home as his own. When called by the prospective renters, the impostor of the vacation rental could not clearly give directions, or was unable to repeat the correct address. Call the owner, if it is a scam they may not be able to clearly give directions, or they may be vague. Double check with Google Maps or another reputable map source to make sure the rental is located where the owner has said it is supposed to be located.

Private by owner vacation rentals are clearly the way to go for more than two people on vacation. Once you find a reliable source, for many renters, it is like owning a second vacation home without the mortgage and upkeep.

Why not split the cost with your friends and family and share the memories?


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