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To Be Blessed By Google

When you’ve been in the Internet advertising business for 15 years, like me, you see a lot of changes. When I first started advertising vacation rentals, it seemed easy. A few string of keywords here and there, good photos, a few links and your site would rank well in Google. Then like the gold rush, advertisers flocked to the web, followed by new websites springing up every day. My business partner joked, another vacation rental site, it must be Sunday, “Hey, let’s build a website on our day off.”  Everyone’s just trying to make a buck—but how did Google become the purveyor of popularity? The standard by which we judge all search enginGoogle is proactive…not reactive.  They were able to set the standards because they didn’t coast along reaping rewards.  Originally, there was little competition, and there wasn’t a need for strategic marketing, now, if you aren’t socially active (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging, Youtube etc.) then your website is an outcast, a nerd at one of the biggest parties of the Century.  You may be invited to this party, but Google doesn’t give away the address….you must pound the pavement, explore all the alleys, cruise the places you’d want to be seen and try to  stay creative in your marketing, no sock puppet marketing, truly delve into your subject. If you are passionate, it will shine through and you will be blessed by Google.


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