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Gain a Competitive Edge in the Rental Market

main-pageIn all successful vacation rentals, there is a little something extra that draws the shoppers eye or influences their predilection towards that rental.  While price, availability and location may seem to matter the most, security and sentimental feelings may come in above the rest at a subconscious level. This is why we tend to do business with folks we know or through recommendations.

What is the little something extra that you have? Is it a custom spa bath? Comfortable furniture and king beds? How about a recliner in the living room? Every shopper has different needs. How do you know what may attract some shoppers? Start with yourself. What do you want to rent? And why? If you can add some of these special touches to your own rental then you’ll know at least one person that will want to pay the price you set for your rental—YOU!

Create value. By having your own website your rental becomes more legitimate, and shoppers feel safer knowing you aren’t a fraud. And by adding furnishings to your rental, that you, yourself, would like to have in your own home,  will help give you an edge in the competitive rental market.


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